Excursions Mont Ventoux

The Mont-Ventoux on foot, one of the best ways to discover its flora and fauna and appreciate its breathtaking vistas.

marcheurs mont ventouxMont Ventoux Walks
From the hamlet of the Frache, opposite Brantes, take the footpath that passes beside the Serres Gros, the GR9 (GR = 'sentier de Grande Randonnée', a major walking trail) - towards Mont Serein then the GR4 up to the summit. Count +/-6 hours walking to reach the top, +/-1500m of altitude change in a few kilometres, narrow paths with a landscape of unforgettable panoramas.

The crest of the Mont Ventoux. (12 km)
Leaving the Chalet Reynard by the road go to the crest and follow the GR4 that turns round the summit: for a magnificent and breathtaking view of the Toulourenc valley.

Between Mont Serein and the summit (15 km)
From Mont Serein take the GR4 to the top, then the path around the summit until the Tête de la Grave where you can join the GR9. Follow the GR9 for 5 km to return to Mt Serein. This is the most beautiful trail on the top, the views are fantastic, with the crossing of the Combe de Fonfiole being the most spectacular point.

In the vicinity…

Trails in the Toulourenc Gorges (from Mollans-sur-Ouvèze to Veaux)
From the chapel Notre Dame des Anges between Mollans-sur-Ouvèze and Entrechaux. Following the Toulourenc is an easy walk and very pleasant especially when it’s really hot. A long walk as the canyon is several kilometres long.

The Toulourenc Gorges (from Veaux to St Léger)
Start from the little bridge as you come into the village. Follow the Toulourenc from Veaux village for several kilometres, when you come out of the gorges you will find a GR path that will bring you back to your starting point in less than an hour. Allow 45 minutes for the whole circuit.